Beginners Adult

Painting Classes

Students will gain a fundamental base of knowledge and embark on their own projects as well. This class is designed for those who are new to acrylic painting or those who have been away from the canvas and are looking to refresh their skills. 

Tween & Teen Art Classes

Ages 11 and up

Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing such as value, color, composition, scale, and perspective. Students will explore a variety of media (including graphite, acrylic, pastel, and watercolor based paints) to create imagery. Both realistic and abstract expression will be investigated as students work from still life, observation and imagination.

Kids Classes 

In these classes, students draw their favorite animals, characters, still life, and more while learning fundamental art elements: line, patterns, shading, different styles such as realism, surrealism, abstract, etc., shape, texture, color, value and space.  The class lessons are designed to guide students toward developing drawing skills while encouraging personal expression and creativity. While many of the projects are guided, each student works with his or her own vision and produces a unique finished piece.



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